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Sometimes teeth can no longer be restored with a simple filling and if heavily restored, broken down or root treated we may recommend you need a crown. Crowns are made of metal alloys, gold or porcelain and as the name suggests cover the whole crown of the tooth, they help protect the natural tooth and therefore prevent it from breaking.


Bridges are used to fill gaps and spaces between teeth, often replacing extracted teeth.

There are two types of Bridges

Maryland bridges consist of a wing attached to a false tooth which will be bonded to the tooth next to the gap allowing the false tooth to fill the space; these bridges are commonly used on front teeth.

Fixed Bridges consist of a false tooth attached to a crown; the crown will be placed over the tooth next to the gap allowing the false tooth to fill the space. These bridges are more common on premolar and molar teeth.


Dentures can be used to fill spaces when many teeth are missing or a bridge is not an option for missing teeth. Dentures are a removable appliance which has false teeth attached to a plate. They can be made in high impact resin or chrome for extra strength. Clasps can be added to partial dentures to fit around existing teeth for support. It will take approximately four visits to construct your new appliance.

NHS Fees

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