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White Fillings

We still offer standard amalgam fillings if you want them, but if you prefer to smile proudly with confidence you may prefer to opt for our aesthetic white composite fillings, they are still strong and durable and a little less obvious than the silver amalgam fillings.


Front teeth can sometimes be cracked, discoloured or unsightly; we offer porcelain veneers where the options of fillings or tooth whitening may not be possible. A veneer is thin porcelain covering which is bonded to the front of the tooth restoring the tooth and leaving a natural looking & beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening procedures

Everybody loves to have a bright smile; it makes you feel more confident and attractive. We have many procedures at the practice that we can tailor to suit your specific needs. Tooth whitening is a great way to improve the look of your smile and we can offer you treatments that you can use at your own convenience at home.

What is home whitening?

We offer a procedure that you can do in your own time in the convenience of your own home, this will involve a consultation appointment, you dentist will discuss the best option for you and take impressions so that we can construct your tailor made whitening trays.

A couple of days later your dentist will fit your trays and give you your whitening kit along with instructions. The home procedure will take 1 – 2 weeks and because you are in control of the procedure you can continue use until you have achieved your desired result. You can either do the procedure whilst you sleep with night white or for an hour a day with our day white system!

Prices correct as of 1st December 2017

Private fees

Examination/Consultation £25.00
Scale & Polish £30.00
X-rays (each) £8.00
Fillings From £25.00
Crowns From £350.00
Extraction From £60.00
Root Canal From £105.00
Home Whitening From £250.00

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